Smooth Sailing

A track that channels the low-down understated vocal style of Johnny Cash with the sparkling poptastic touch Prince sprinkled over everything, Smooth Sailing isn’t an official single from Summer Lover, but we wanted to share this video anywho. Enjoy. Surfs up!

Ocean Road

The first single from the new album, Summer Lover, Ocean Road has been described as a ‘new Australian anthem’. Maybe? It is definitely a love song for Australia, and for the many roads—actual and metaphorical—that lead us back to the water, to be healed, dumped, and healed again.

Beautiful Mess

Filmed on location throughout the Yarra Valley, a fine wine growing district about an hour east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Beautiful Mess, the song, was picked up by Amazing Radio in Ireland and UK, and the video was featured on Foxtel’s Country Music Channel.

Chance To Love

This moody video from the title track to 2015’s Chance To Love was filmed in Ben’s bass player’s house. Thanks Andy!

The Football’s On

It’s not just the national game of Australia, it’s also a tradition to grab some friends and watch a ‘game of footy’ on the telly. The Football’s On is a stand alone single OUT NOW! (Click HERE for iTunes).


When someone paints a beautiful mural on the side of a Fish n’ Chip shop you gotta get your GoPro out and film an ultra lo-budget music video, haven’t you?

The Way of This Love

A kind of music video selfie. Filmed in a Melbourne city park.

I Ain’t Done

A live version of I Ain’t Done (from Chance To Love album) filmed at YVFM.