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This One Is For Blue

Shannon lost her son in 2021 when he passed away unexpectedly at just 25 years old.

When Shannon contacted me to write a memorial song for Michael AKA ‘Blue’ I was immediately struck by her balance of strength and vulnerability; her ability to simultaneously honour her son and let him go.

Shannon was so happy with the song I wrote she and I had a chat on Zoom so she could share her experience for anyone else who might like to remember a loved one in this way, with a custom song.

Below the video I go through a bit about the process of writing ‘This One Is For Blue’ to give an idea of how easy and, hopefully, rewarding having a custom song written is.

"I cannot thank you enough for the gift of your beautiful song. I am crying here; just listened three times in a row and can't wait to share this with our family and friends. I am beside myself with gratitude and will cherish this song for the rest of my days."Shannon (Mother of 'Blue')

Getting to know Michael

Once Shannon had purchased her desired package HERE I emailed her with some questions about Michael. Her answers immediately inspired me to start writing. It also helped that Shannon already knew the title she wanted for the song: ‘This One Is For Blue’, as it is a hashtag friends and family are using to share photos and memories of ‘Blue’ on Instagram.

Shannon related via email how Blue was very pro-freedom and truth and in fact helped Shannon see through some of the big lies which not everyone could see a couple of years ago.

Her answers to my questions painted a picture of a deeply compassionate soul who, by all accounts, lit up the room whenever he entered.

Blue was a musician known as ‘Big Beni—on the beats’ in the music scene around Dallas where he performed. He was also famous amongst his loved ones for making sure everyone was well catered for at any social gathering, a caring he expressed with his personal catch cry of ‘Everybody eats’. Both these lines made it into the song (as you will see below).

The first three lines of the chorus have a double meaning entwined: where the ‘This one’ refers to both the song and to Blue himself; as Blue was for freedom, truth and believing.

This one is for freedom
This one is for truth
This one is for believers
This one is for Blue

The complete lyrics

This One Is For Blue by Ben Mitchell

You came into my life and I was forever changed
You’ll never know how much you meant
Or how you remain

You woke me up to the lies I too long believed
As if there could be anything
A full heart needs

Nothing but the best
Memories I can’t forget

This one is for freedom
This one is for truth
This one is for believers
This one is for Blue

You put friends and family first
Made sure everybody eats
A big smile on every dial
With Big Beni on the beats

You did what you came here to do
Now, you’ve gone back to God
And you took a little piece of me
I know is never lost

Nothing real can die
Only love survives

This one is for freedom
This one is for truth
This one is for believers
This one is for Blue

"PS: I LOVE waking up with this song in my head and having it play in the background of my mind and heart all day (especially the chorus) ? And everyone I've shared it with so far is just blown away. It's absolutely beautiful. Stunning. What a beautiful way to keep Michael's spirit alive. THANK YOU!!"Shannon (Mother of 'Blue')

Your own custom song

Whether to remember a loved one, celebrate a relationship milestone (engagement, wedding, anniversary etc…) or for any reason at all I will love nothing more than writing a unique song for you to have always.

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