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Thank you for visiting this page. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Having been de-platformed from two of my main income streams for music and music activism, Bandcamp and Patreon (for making music and posting about freedom!) I have created alternative ways you can financially support my music, writing and activism.

1. Donate at PayPal

Donate to my music activism which includes promoting segregation-free music via Free The Nation Music and also sharing ‘truther’ facts not seen on mainstream media via Friends of Truth (going strong on Telegram).

You can support my music activism (Free The Nation Music and Friends of Truth) by clicking link below.

2. Join Freedom Music Club

A monthly newsletter which comes with FREE music downloads from musicians supporting freedom at Free The Nation Music. LEARN MORE HERE


3. Buy The How To Crypto Book

If you’ve been thinking about getting into cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start I have written a super easy to understand guide to getting into cryptocurrency for absolute beginners. LEARN MORE HERE

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