Are You Gonna Be Free?


Are You Gonna Be Free? by Ben Mitchell. 2021 Album of freedom themed tracks written and recorded during lockdowns in Australia.



“Where are all the great songs about what is happening in the world today? They are right here on this album. I grew up listening to Dylan, CSN, Neil Young etc this album sits right along side those artists. One classic song after another, My New Normal Is Love.” Andy (Instagram)

“Ben Mitchell has just released his brand new album and it’s absolutely EPIC.” Voin (Facebook)

Are You Gonna Be Free? is dedicated to the millions of freedom-loving truth seekers across this great big beautiful world who are standing up for their rights to live free, and to all the people of the world who are waking up from a deep sleep to replace the unconscious nightmare of our past with a conscious dream of our now.

Are you gonna be free?

Of course you are.

You are already.