Summer Lover (2016) – Soundcloud

Each of the 14 tracks on Summer Lover received radio play before release on 21st June 2016. Listen to the entire album for FREE on Soundcloud.

“Another fine release and collection of songs from Ben that showcases his development as one of Melbourne’s emerging singer/songwriters.” NEIL ROGERS, 3RRR

“Ben has a rare talent! ‘Summer Lover’ took me way back to the summer of ’76—beautiful weather (6 months of constant sunshine), beautiful girls and beautiful times! He has several styles of play which stands him in good stead in this world of lacklustre mediocrity!” THE COUNT, WAY OUT RADIO (UK)

“Ocean Road is a new Ozzie anthem. Seriously can’t get enough of this song. I LOVE it! Makes me feel proud to be Aussie.” MISS FIORE (SOUTHERN FM)

“Ben Mitchell has released his new album “Summer Lover” just in time. It comes out June 21st, right in the middle of winter. It’s bright and breezy and warm and cozy all at the same time. It will do the job of getting us through the cooler months until things warm up again.

The lead track, “Ocean Road”, illustrates this point perfectly. The song is a loving ode to this great country of ours. Ben made a film clip to go with this song at one of my favorite parts – on the Great Ocean Road. The song draws out a feeling in the listener that we all know so well, heading out along that road (any road) to the beach and all the freedom and sense of adventure that might follow. You can almost smell the surf.

My two other favourite tracks are “Smooth Sailing” and “Tropical Holiday”. “Smooth Holiday” speaks of over coming bad times to find the people that make you a better person – “The world don’t seem so small when you’re connected”. On “Tropical Holiday” Ben sings about finding that love that “won’t fade like the sun” but “grow like a full moon in the dark night sky”. When you step out of the madness of daily life and stop to smell the roses, you can think about things like this.

Overall, on his third album, Ben Mitchell is going from strength to strength. Combine his songwriting skills with his sense for a tune and you’re on a winner. “Summer Lover” is the perfect antidote to the long winter months ahead. It will warm you soul and brighten your mood, all at the same time. What else could you ask for?”

Summer Lover (2016) – Spotify

Keep Community Radio (2016)

Number 1 on the AMRAP Regional chart in June 2016. Solo-acoustic demo recorded at home.

Chance To Love (2015)

Four of the seventeen songs on Chance To Love album. Ben played every instrument, recorded and produced it himself in his home studio. Every song played on radio, with Beautiful Mess getting spins in Ireland and UK.