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How To Crypto

Is Crypto good?

In my opinion definitely yes.

Can it be used for ‘bad’? Like all things, of course. But that’s not you. You’re going to use it for good, right.

Some people think cryptocurrency is going to save the world, bringing true financial independence to us all while heralding an end to the privately owned banking system which controls the world.

Other people think cryptocurrency is another controlled form of currency which will lead to more restrictions on our future freedoms (rather than more freedom).

The truth is, no one knows for sure. Yes the blockchain technology can be used for good or evil—just like money in any form. But in my experience crypto can help you create more financial freedom—which often helps with other freedoms—in your life right now.

Because what is also true is that some people are making unimaginable fortunes by getting into crypto. One guy in USA put his government cheques into crypto and made millions.

And that’s the trick. Whatever the future holds for crypto right now you can make money by investing in crypto. I know from personal experience that it is possible to build your wealth by greater than 10 X (1000s of percent) if you know how to crypto.

That’s why I wrote a super easy to understand guide book for getting into cryptocurrency, The How To Crypto Book.

The How To Crypto Book is for absolute beginners who at least want to know the very basics and find out for themselves how to crypto.

As a musician who previously never paid much attention to financial matters I found it completely liberating to learn how to crypto and have some success investing; it is never too late to learn valuable new skills and it is still early for anyone getting into the crypto game.

You don’t have to invest a lot either. You can start with $50 or $100 simply to see what happens to your investment and how you feel about it; start small and see if you want to go bigger.

The How To Crypto Book is an eBook available HERE.

There are some FREE bonus items at the moment too, including a FREE crypto portfolio template to help you keep track of your crypto investments (as small or as large as they are).

Get it here:

PS. This is the guy who became a crypto millionaire using just his stimulus checks:

PSS. This is not financial advice and you should always consult a professional financial advisor before investing. Never invest more than you would be okay with losing.


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