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Free The Nation Music

Free The Nation Music

This is where Free The Nation Music started. As a single page on this website, inviting other musicians to add their name to a simple list of musicians supporting freedom and standing against discrimination and segregation based on medical history.

Also standing against coercion, bullying and intimidation, all of which was, and is, being carried out by the government and the music establishment.

We now have over 200+ musicians on the Free The Nation Music website HERE.

Musicians who want to join the Free The Nation movement/campaign/whatever you call a list of musicians who support freedom:

Musicians please email with a link to your Spotify (if you would like to be considered for playlists), website or whatever music URL you have. Also please mention what country you are from.

Music fans join Freedom Music Club

Freedom Music Club is a monthly newsletter which comes with an album’s worth of NEW music from musicians supporting freedom—every month. It’s a great way to support the movement and get fantastic new music from your NEW favourite musicians. Join HERE.

Help grow Free The Nation Music at GoFundMe

We have now set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to pay for a NEW website, promotional video and extra costs involved in taking this movement to the next level. All support is appreciated and can, in a very real way, contribute to more freedom in all our lives moving forward.

Buy a T-Shirt and grow the freedom music movement!

We have more stock in now. To order please email and we’ll sort it out.

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