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Free The Nation

Free The Nation

Free The Nation is a truly independent campaign to unite musicians who support freedom.

Music is about choice. Music is about freedom. Music is about love and acceptance.

We are all free to choose the music we love, to choose music which resonates with our lives, our dreams and our aspirations.

Music is powerful too. So it is very concerning to freedom lovers everywhere when famous musicians take a public political position which goes against freedom, which goes against choice and which goes against love and acceptance.

The #VaxTheNation campaign running in Australia right now has enrolled the support of many high profile musicians to encourage trusting fans to get the jab. In this case the jab is for an experimental injection (which, by accepted definitions of ‘vaccines’ is not even a vaccine) for a virus (which by the CDC’s own admission has not been isolated or purified) with a 99%+ survival rate.

Adverse reactions from the injections are mounting up, despite social media and mainstream media actively suppressing the sharing of reports of people dying or becoming extremely ill AFTER taking the jab.

The musicians’ who support the national roll-out of experimental injections claim that it is the only way to get the music scene going again; but this is completely erroneous because the ONLY thing inhibiting a thriving music scene is the government restrictions and the policing of ‘rules’ and ‘directions’ (not laws).

Government restrictions are killing many businesses, and the live music scene is very high on the list of those industries most affected, yes. But live music can return as soon as a) Musicians play and fans come out to see them and b) The government end all lockdown restrictions and experimental injection requirements.

The Australian Governments are KILLING live music, it is NOT healthy, unvaccinated music lovers which are doing any harm!

Lockdown restrictions and other restrictions which go against our inalienable human rights—basic human rights we are born with—are the reason venues are not open, musicians are not playing, and fans are not enjoying live music.

End all lockdown restrictions and live music can thrive again. No experimental medicine is needed.


Now, I am only one independent musician who believes that everyone should have a right to choose; without coercion, what experiments they wish to take part in regarding their personal health.

But I am sure I am not alone.

To this end I dedicate this page to other musicians willing to publicly stand up for coercion-free medical treatments, true choice and freedom.

As such here is a list of musicians supporting the Free The Nation campaign (as I have called it today).

***UPDATE*** Free The Nation Music website now live. Click below to visit.

*Website now LIVE at


Musicians who want to join the Free The Nation movement/campaign/whatever you call a list of musicians who support freedom:

Musicians please email with a link to your Spotify (if you would like to be considered for playlists), Bandcamp (so we can promote your music to freedom-loving music fans) or whatever music URL you have. Also please mention what country you are from.

Help grow Free The Nation at GoFundMe

We have now set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to pay for the website, promotional video and extra costs involved in taking this movement to the next level. All support is appreciated and can, in a very real way, contribute to more freedom in all our lives moving forward.

Buy the single and help grow Free The Nation

On Wednesday 15th September I released the ‘Free The Nation’ single via Bandcamp HERE

Any purchases of this single will help grow the movement of musicians and music fans supporting freedom.

© Ben Mitchell 2021