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Custom Songs

“Hi Ben. I can't thank you enough!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE SONG. It made me cry, smile and cry again. SO beautiful."Zelda

5 out of 5

This was the heartfelt response I got just the other day from a custom song I wrote and recorded for someone who wanted to remember and honour their mother with a song. It’s the magic of being able to create this kind of feeling which makes me love writing custom songs. And I’d love to write a custom song for YOU.

"This was such a special song Ben and we will cherish this forever.”Annette

5 out of 5

Get a Custom Song For Any Occasion

Get your own custom song for any reason: a birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, or to congratulate a friend or family member on achieving a special milestone—getting a job, travelling overseas, any accomplishment you’d like to acknowledge or celebrate.


And, of course, a bespoke song is the perfect way to honour and remember a loved one who has passed away; to embody—forever—something of their unique character and spirit in words with music..

"Getting married? This is a perfect way to encapsulate all your beautiful memories and moments into a masterpiece that is uniquely yours. I couldn't think of anyone better to turn your love story into a song than Ben.”Terrina, Singer

5 out of 5


✔️ Original and unique lyrics


✔️ Original and unique melody

Original Melody

✔️ Acoustic recording, voice and guitar

Vocal and Acoustic Recording

✔️ Professionally mastered audio


✔️ Lyric sheet delivered as pdf

Lyric PDF

✔️ Audio files delivered as mp3 + Wav file

Wav and mp3

"Mitchell has a strong voice that adapts well to a number of styles, but it’s his song-writing skills that put him in a league above."AMERICANA UK, Music Blog

5 out of 5


If you would like complete band production for your custom song you can choose the ‘Produced Track’ package from the drop down menu below to get:

✔️ Bass guitar and drums/beats

Bass Guitar and Drums

✔️ Electric guitars for riffs and rhythm

Electric Guitars

✔️ Keyboards and melodic elements


✔️ Backing vocals/harmonies

Backing Vocals

✔️ Acoustic riffs layered/Nylon String

Extra Acoustic Riffs

✔️ Whatever else your song calls for


Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Chocolates are delicious—but they don’t last. Same goes for flowers. But a custom song is forever.

And every time we listen to a song it goes deeper into us; our emotions entwine and over time a song becomes part of us. Humming and singing along to your own tune.

"A thoughtful songwriter with a gift for simple melodies and powerful emotion."TIME OUT (UK)

5 out of 5

"I cannot thank you enough for the gift of your beautiful song for Michael!! I am crying here; just listened three times in a row and can't wait to share this with our family and friends. You captured Blue's essence so perfectly in your lyrics. I am beside myself with gratitude and will cherish this song for the rest of my days."Shannon (USA)

5 out of 5


Should you wish I can also make your custom song into a lyric video, using photos of the subject of the song you send to me. This is a perfect way to share the song with friends and family, either on your social media pages or at a ceremony on a big screen.


Once you purchase your chosen package I will email you so we can get creating straight away.

A brief questionnaire helps me get right to the heart of what you would like your song to be.

This is also your opportunity to share any anecdotes or stories with me which I can distill into the song.

If you have any questions please email me on info (@)

A song is forever!

Every song package includes full mixing and mastering, original lyrics, melody and unique arrangement. Recorded at 432 Hz in a professional recording studio for deeper emotional connection.

Simply choose:

  1. Acoustic recording of your custom song = $500
  2. Acoustic recording + produced version of your custom song = $900
  3. Acoustic recording + produced version of your custom song + lyric video = $1,250

Turn around for your song is currently one week, can be a bit quicker for acoustic only option.

Bring your song to life. Let's get started today.

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