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Music has always given me an outlet for feelings, and writing songs was the first way I had of expressing what was hidden; of letting out what needed to be let out.

As I became more skilled at finding the right words I experimented with writing other forms including a couple of plays, stand-up comedy (that was fun!), Tweets (until I was banned) and novels.

To date I have written and published two novels.

My most recent novel is Elvis Has A Son, which also includes a double-album soundtrack. Each song forms part of the story as the hero of this comedy/romance/adventure discovers a hidden talent for songwriting—as well as discovering his true paternity.

My debut novel was The Last Great Day, an autobiographical novel based on my early life being born into a doomsday Christian cult, my father a minister in that religion until I was ten-years old.

You can learn more about each of my novels, and get a copy here:

The Last Great Day

Elvis Has A Son

PS. I also authored a non-fiction book for absolute beginners to cryptocurrency called The How To Crypto Book.

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